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AIME is a firm that exposes all types of medical students around the globe to medical schools and teaching hospitals within the United States. By connecting each international student to a participating U.S. doctor, they can receive the one-on-one advisement from a professional, as well as complete any needed clinical training and clinical rotations for their degree. 


Let AIME help you plan everything you need to finish up your degree. From finding a teaching hospital that has a clinical rotation program to applying for residency in the United States; take a look at our  Clinical Services to get started.

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Get the exposure to the U.S. medical industry and the hands-on training you need to finish your medical degree today!

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Opt into our inclusive clinical services to get connected to various medical directors, physician assistants, and clinical advisers around the United States. Get the exposure to the U.S. medical industry and the hands on training you need to finish your medical degree.


By choosing to opt into AIME’s clinical services, you are connecting yourself to an entire database of wonderful medical mentors, as well as an abundance of opportunities in the U.S. medical industry, including hands on clinical training and various clinical rotations that will help you get the experience you need.


Ready to get started? All you need is to take the first step. Easily apply online to start getting the benefits of AIME. 

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