About Us: Connecting Students for 15 Years

Affiliated Institute for Medical Education understands all the hassles and challenges of applying and obtaining the proper hands on training you need. How do we do that? Each one of our employees has gone through the process themselves, from start to finish. For over 15 years, AIME has been helping other medical students and physicians become connected with the training they need to further or finish their education.


With a strong establishment within the medical field, AIME has made some impressionable connections with various medical directors and clinical advisers along the way. Convincing them to become a participating mentor within the AIME program, our firm is able to provide medical mentors to each student who opts for our services. Take a valuable step in your medical education today and apply to become part of our great program.


Contact AIME today to become connected to the United States medical system. Get the hands-on training needed to expand your professional experience.

We Go Beyond Training

Because we have all gone through the same experience, AIME tries to help out each medical student in as many ways as possible. We help apply for U.S. residency, help rent temporary transportation, find U.S. housing, and get each student affiliated with a medical mentor within the area they are training.


It can be daunting applying and setting everything up on your own, especially when it is your first time going around the medical block. Take a look at our various services set up to help you get on your feet. 


Don’t Let Money Stand in Your Way

At AIME, we offer various payment methods that will ease your financial burden and mind. Take a look at what may fit your budget on our Financial Information page.


Still have questions and concerns? Contact AIME directly and speak with one of our staff members to get the answers you need.

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