“Science is nothing but developed perception, interpreted intent, common sense rounded out minutely articulated.”

–  George Santayana

Our foundation began with our founder, Frank Olusegun Apantaku, who studied in the United States at Colby College, Waterville, Maine; Northwestern University, Chicago, IL; Massachusetts General Hospital  in Boston, MA; in England at Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London; and in India at Postgraduate Institute for Medical Education and Research Chandigarh.  Dr. Apantaku made two observations.   


First, that the time honored teaching medical students through the residency program was arcane, haphazard, random and unpredictable.  Second, that the best human achievements are derived from a refinement and modification of natural tendency. What bearing does this have on medical education and training? Knowledge with contemplation ages into wisdom.


Medical Residents with age and contemplation metamorphize into attending physicians - who with anecdotes and willingness disseminate their medical  “wisdom” to medical students, who are willing and eager  to learn. To that willing student, that physician becomes his or her “Hippocrates”.  


Hence,  AIME’s initiation of pairing students to physicians in the metamorphic years of the students development. A program that is best engrained by the words of the legendary German surgeon Theodor Billroth:  “In my own experience, I have found men who were wasting their time in a stupid and blasé manner at one university, and who, migrating to another, were suddenly seized by such an admiration for some teacher that they become the most industrious of students.”


If a person’s curiosity is piqued, their industry drives their acquisition of knowledge and the subsequent contemplation that results in wisdom. We hope you join us in and participate in our adventure.


The acronym AIME stands for Affiliated Institute for Medical Education, but operatically stands for:


  • Attitude: Every endeavor begins with an attitude. A personal commitment to learn
  • Imagination:  Albert Einstein said Imagination is everything.
  • Methodology: Without methods, learning is short-hived. We ingrained foundation basics in our method of teaching.
  • Exemplary: The end results should be that the student’s performance is exemplary. Not excellent, but service as an example to the future generation. Hence, Exemplary. 

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